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Implementation Process

What sets Axxyr apart from other software products, is our commitment to a smooth onboarding of all staff members so that the system can be used efficiently and effectively to accomplish what is needed in your day to day operation.

Our initial fact-finding sets the stage for all that follows. The more we know about what our clients' unique needs are, their goals and future long term plans, the better the implementation process will be.

From the first call with Axxyr, we ask the questions to help us understand your unique needs. Once we have a thorough understanding of your goals, an implementing plan is laid out so that there is the least amount of disruption to your daily activity.

With our proven onboarding and implementation process, Staff members can be trained and using the Axxyr software quickly and seamlessly.  

Our software can easily be used by multi disciplinary clinics. In today's competitive environment, offering the service of many expert health providers as part of your team can give you the edge you need.

Each provider can use Axxyr with their own forms and have a universal patient record in the system.

Axxyr software is built with the newest technology available backed by dedicated programmers and decades of experience. 

Process Axxyr

Our Team Begins:

Workflow analysis is completed and approved. The necessary forms and reports are developed and approved. Hardware is purchased and configured as required. Network systems are setup as required. 

Medical System Axxyr


Schedule for the training of staff is approved by HR.

Medical System Axxyr


The test server version is installed and tested with test data. Sign off for acceptance of test by appropriate staff is required

Medical System Axxyr

Data Transfer and Upload:

Forms are loaded and any data that needs to be Transferred from the old system is tested. Sign-off for acceptance by appropriate staff is required.

Medical System Axxyr

Final installation and Integration:

The system is installed on all workstations and connected to the equipment and tested. The system is connected to 3rd party applications and tested. Signoff for acceptance by appropriate staff is required.

Medical System Axxyr

The Delivery:

The software is installed on all client workstations. Setup of the software and the mapping process is completed. The system is tested with data. Signoff by appropriate staff is required.

Medical System Axxyr


Staff Training on test servers commences as scheduled.

Go live after completion of training!

Final Signoffs required.

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