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Axxyr is an affordable Chiropractic Office Management System to simplify all of your repetitive tasks such as Billing, Scheduling, Reminders, Electronic Health Records etc. Axxyr allows for many payment options and support packages. With a high quality and technologically advanced architecture, Axxyr is customizable and easy to use. Using Axxyr is as simple enough for users of any skill level but powerful and flexible enough to perfectly suit your needs. All of your existing forms can be uploaded and used as templates. Our state-of-the-art software includes:

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The inventory module can handle a single location or enterprise wide inventory, seamlessly exchanging items in the inventory with other locations, departments, floors, and nurses stations all the while tracking the location of ALL items and assets.

Inventory component can be customized as per your facility's requirements to include categories such as:

  • Pharmacy stock
  • Medication
  • Equipment
  • Food
  • Housekeeping items
  • Cafeteria stock
  • Any other category you may need.

With each category having its own multi-level sub-inventories.

Easily and seamlessly:
  • Track multi tier inventory that is set up according to each hospitals' unique requirements.
  • Integrated with all modules such as accounts and statistics.
  • Bar code scanning capability to upload and dispense.
  • Alerts for low or high stock levels.
  • Reports and statistics available for planning and forecasting needs.
  • Billing automatically updates the invoice of the patient as items are dispensed or used in the care of the patient.
  • Suppliers can be tracked
  • Bar codes can be created for products without bar codes.,
  • Products with Existing Bar codes is learned by system for easy scanning
  • Bar code scanning to dispense
  • Can request from other inventories in the hospital as well as main inventory
  • Staff can use the Bar code scanning to upload and dispense items
  • Tracks where the medication (or any other inventory item) is at any time
  • Create and track purchase orders.
  • Staff or departments can post a request for items from inventory manager.
  • Comprehensive reporting for received or dispensed items.


Integrated Billing and Accounts

  • Data security is guaranteed through multi-level access control. Color-coded status of each account indicates the state of each invoice at a glance: fully paid, unpaid or underpaid.
  • Sort, merge and combine invoices with the click of a button.
  • View insurance coverage, employee benefits, and individual payments.
  • Versatile statement generation, and powerful reporting mechanism.
  • Easy Archiving and Retrieval.

With AXXYR your facility is audit-ready 365 days/year

  • With the comprehensive access levels, only authorized individuals can access the accounts.
  • Hierarchical access level.
  • Comprehensive Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.
  • Color coded for easy view of delinquent invoices.
  • Seamless link with the rest of the system.
  • Easy and accurate reports.
  • Generate invoices, combine invoices, generate statements.
  • Generate and track receipts
  • Easy archive system.
  • Comprehensive filtering system.

Staff Can:

  • Add charges
  • Add payments
  • View invoices
  • Finalize invoices

Administration Can:

  • View reports and statistics

Financial Department Can:

  • Escalate unpaid invoices to collections agency.
  • Mark invoices as bad debt.
  • Generate appropriate reports.


Organized scheduling helps you maximize resources, minimize time spent rescheduling staff, and prevent scheduling conflicts.

Scheduling staff can create:

  • Multiple, flexible shifts.
  • Roster for all staff with rotation, multiple shifts, and repeated cycles.
  • Time off and block off holidays.
  • Schedule for equipment use.
  • Schedule maintenance of equipment.
  • Repeat work-week cycle.
  • Schedule staff

  • Unique colour codes allow for easy identification of shifts for staff and equipment.

    All staff can view and monitor their schedules.
    Administration can generate reports.
    Shifts can be integrated with accounting to determine revenue generated by individual staff.


  • Setting appointments is easy and intuitive to ensure the continuum of care for a patient

  • Setting appointments made fast and effortless with colour coding and drag-and-drop.

  • Pre-determined appointment types can be customized to have different length and different colour codes with charges allocated to them.

  • Centralized appointment setting across multiple locations and facilities helps you maximize resources, minimize patient wait times, and prevent appointment conflicts.

  • Verify eligibility, authorizations, and referrals upfront to avoid conflicts later, and use intelligent reminders to notify patients electronically of upcoming appointments or the need to schedule future appointments.

Staff Can:

  • Send automatic reminders to the patient via email or text.
  • Adjust appointment duration.
  • Search for open slots for new appointments.
  • Transfer appointments among Doctors.
  • Manage the recall list for repeating cycles.
  • Manage the waiting list.
  • Break, confirm and complete appointments.

Doctors Can:

  • View appointments for the day/week.
  • Manage appointment in their calendar.

Administration Can:

  • Run reports and statistics on the data collected.
  • View and make changes to data as the sign off permission security level allows.

Financial Departments Can:

  • Allocate charges for various type of appointments and automatically add charges to patient invoice.
  • Generate reports based on staff shifts.

Roles and Privileges

With Axxyr Roles and Privileges, you have tight control over the entire system. Axxyr is a role-based system; this means staff members have access only to areas of the program that their role allows them to have.

Granting unnecessary or excessive access can compromise security, Axxyr allows you to grant privileges so that each staff member can accomplish the tasks required for their jobs. You may also add a privilege to a user who requires a specific access to accomplish their task.

Roles and Privileges component provides tools to pick and choose exact access levels for each staff member. With an array of roles, you can drill down and create roles with specific access levels you need to grant each staff member.
Hierarchical, multi level roles allow senior staff be in full control of the system, and junior staff.

Reports and Statistics

Monitor and record trends and changes. The organization can implement effective cost-saving measures and plan for successful revenue-generating strategies.

Through Axxyr reporting tools:

  • Generate reports addressing every need.
  • Customize the system with multi-field filtering.
  • Generate detailed reports.
  • Filter by date, admissions, customers, staff, appointments, prescriptions, billing charges and more.
  • Reports for all department and levels of management can be generated tailored to the specific need of each department and user.
  • Monitor and record trends and changes in infectious diseases, track types of illnesses.

With Axxyr it is easy to view the reports and statistics on any information that is captured anywhere in the facility.The information collected must make sense to the user and must be easy to enter into the system. This information has other meaningful uses such as:
  • Data-mine the stored data to generate reports and statistics.
  • Follow up educational information sent to the patient.
  • To improve the care of the patient.
  • Use the information to fill out other reports such as accreditation process etc.

Electronic Medical Records

Optical systems

Axxyr is committed to providing a patient-centric solution from office to clinic, from hospital to home.

With intuitive navigation on an easy-to-use, personalized screens, Axxyr has the necessary features to help improve efficiency for all doctors.

Axxyr provides a central location that captures all of the necessary information about the patient's journey, which has become one of the most sought after feature in today's modern care setting.

Our Solution:

  • True Single-Patient Record: Our solution is fully integrated with all components creating a patient-centric, single record solution.The patient EMR record is available across the entire continuum of care simultaneously enhancing safety, efficiency, and quality all the while maintaining your own workflows and practice styles.
  • Caregivers may add, update, save or access diverse forms to EMR.
  • Organize and document data in the way you want using the method that suits you best.
  • Barcode scanning.
  • Image or video, voice recording, stylus writing, typing, more.
  • Our native forms contain radio buttons, dropaxxyrs, signature boxes, text boxes and more. Or request us to create new ones.
  • Create and upload your own forms made with Word, PDF, or other formats.
  • Create custom templates.
  • Access information wherever you are using a laptop or tablet.
  • Seamlessly record and share health progress of patients with health care providers within or outside of your facility. This enables you to provide the best quality care with high standards and minimal errors.
  • Reminders and flags ensure that staff fulfill their duties and keep all notes and records in an easy-to-assess centralized health record
  • Audit trail of viewed or edited records by all staff with a time stamp.

Doctors Can:

  • Manage schedules and appointments, document visits, review results, prescribe, order, e-Sign, Refer and much more.
  • Leverage any combination of filling forms by typing or, free style writing on tablets, or voice recording, or specialty-specific templates to document patient visits.
  • Create or edit E-prescription, Lab requisition, View Lab Results, Dispense, invoice, and more.
  • View and markup Dicom images and save them to EMR.
  • Share or block records among staff.
  • Send records to other doctors, hospitals or care givers.
  • View history of visits in sequential order.
  • Track family history

All Staff and Care Providers Can:

  • Have access to the same integrated Electronic Medical Record based on levels of access as determined by facility.
  • Save favorite templates so they are easily accessible, and avoid alert fatigue by setting the level of alerts they want to receive.
  • Add to EMR with forms that are used in their workflow.The forms can be procedural forms, intake forms, notes, etc.
  • Make appointments for patients
  • Email follow up information, reminders or education

Patient information across the continuum.

  • Promote wellness in your community by advertising upcoming flu clinics or smoking cessation programs.
  • Follow up and monitor patients with recent visits.

Streamlined Communications:

Stay in sync with every member of your team and your patients. Respond promptly to phone calls, route diagnostic results, process prescription refill requests, prioritize and direct tasks, and much more.

Health Card Validation and History

Axxyr Health Card Validation helps prevent lost income, reduce rejected claims, verify patient information and eliminate fraud. Secure and direct link to the Ontario Ministry of Health database allows physicians to validate patient health card during bookings or or at any other time.

With Axxyr Health Card Validation get paid the first time, avoid OHIP rejections and ensure all encounters are covered.

Axxyr HCV is integrated with Axxyr EMR and Axxyr Private billing and is preconfigured for the fast and efficient check of patient eligibility and is ideal for physicians who accept walk-ins and emergency appointments.

Axxyr will display an “Invalid Health Card” Alert on the patient record until the health card can be validated. This provides administrators with a reminder to follow-up with patients so that eligibility can be determined as soon as possible. With a click of a button view patient's visits history, and check the reason of visit and diagnosis of the visit.

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